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Interrogated further, he mentioned various phases which Greenwich had known. The studio and-poverty Bohemian epoch, the labor and anarchy era, the futurist fad, the ” free love ” cult, the Bohemian-and-masquerade-ball period, the psychoanalysis craze; the tea-shop epidemic, the arts-and-crafts obsession, the play-acting mania; and other violent and more or less transient enthusiasms which had […]

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God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb down Greenwich ways THOMAS JANVIBR. DID you know that ” Greenwich Village” is tautology? That region known affectionately as ” Our Village ” is Greenwich, pure and simple, and here is the ” why ” of that statement. The word wich is derived from the Saxon wick, […]

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In the resolute spirit of another Andor Andorra, the Village of Greenwich maintains its independence in the very midst of the city of New York—submitting to no more of a compromise in the matter of its autonomy than is evolved in the Procrustean sort of splicing which has hitched fast the extremities of its tangled […]

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Although the serious affairs of life are met as conscientiously by the man or woman who has the real spirit of the Village, nevertheless each of them assuredly shows less of that sordidness and mad desire for money so prevalent throughout the land… . The real villager’s life is better balanced. He produces written words […]